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      Plastic wood guardrail installation process and key points


      Plastic wood guardrail has now become the popular nowadays protection fence, hanging plank road garden landscape decoration design, because plastic wood guardrail has environmental protection, moistureproof, mothproof, waterproof, fire safety and other advantages, and the home decoration effect is also more beautiful and easy, so you know how to install plastic wood guardrail? Next li Nai decorative building materials and everyone to understand each other about the installation process of plastic wood guardrail and key points.

      1, the installation of plastic wood guardrail preparation: in the overall new project before, according to the project must be clear about the length of the fence, the ratio of height and width, spacing, appearance and its material.

      2. Special tools required for installation: general installation of wooden parapet must be wooden floor pole, pole cap, pole foot, stair handrail, wooden square, embedment, expansion screw and its U or L type connecting parts and screws.

      3. Before installation, the embedded parts must be fixed on the concrete surface with expansion screws, then the vertical pole of plastic wood floor shall be fixed on the embedded parts, and then the vertical pole of plastic wood floor shall be fixed on the vertical pole of plastic wood floor with the column feet and the column caps. Finally, the U-shaped or L-shaped connecting parts shall be fixed on the vertical pole above the plastic wood floor with screws.

      4, plastic wood floor pole after installation will have done well guardrail and wooden square with screws fixed fixed in its above. After this step is done, most of the approximate appearance will go out, the installation is similar to can be said to complete the majority, the rest of the installation of the front process, the rest of the vertical rod installation fixed good installation completed.


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