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      The advantage of co-extruded plastic wood floor


      With the development of science and technology, plastic wood materials with solid wood characteristics and recycling production have become the preferred materials for garden home construction. The polymer ecological plastic wood floor, which is regarded as the innovation of the 21st century, integrates the advantages of health and comfort, green environmental protection, fashion and beauty, and convenient decoration into one. It has been welcomed by decoration enterprises and householders from the very beginning. And the coextruded wood floor with fully coated technology is popular, what advantages does it have?

      To put it simply, co-extruded wood floors are more environmentally friendly and more durable than corrosion-resistant wood. It is feasible to replace anticorrosive wood with co-extruded wood floors. It is the preferred material for outdoor decoration of gardens, landscapes and courtyards.

      1. Environmental protection. It is produced by plastic and wood fiber processing and co-extrusion process, without harmful substances, pollution-free to the environment, green environmental protection.

      2. Strong waterproof and moisture-proof function. The bibulous rate of co-extruded plastic wood floor has 0.2% only, waterproof and moistureproof performance is excellent, and still can prevent insect, not easy corroded, not easy to be out of shape, chemical stability is good, hardness is tall.

      3. Good fire resistance. Good flame retardant effect, self-extinguishing in case of fire, no harmful substances produced, even in the outdoor experience of the wind and rain is not easy to damage, long service life, transport process is not afraid of damage.

      4. Maintenance free. Save a lot of material and financial resources.

      5, the color can be mixed, many choices. Consumers can choose different colors and styles according to different needs and preferences. And easy to install, simple, convenient.

      With the improvement of environmental protection requirements, cost-effective co-extrusion molding wood floor, has also become the choice of consumers.


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