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      Foshan Senlue Composite Material Technology Co.,Ltd

      Foshan Senlue Composite Material Technology Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer of wood-plastic composite (WPC) materials. We owna number of advanced production lines and a team of committed experts dedicated in research and development. Our annual production can reach twenty thousand tons. One of the largest production enterprise is the production of similar products in Guangdong Province.

      Preferred outdoor plastic wood products

      Senlue plastic wood production of first generation, second generation and simulation plastic wood floor, wallboard series, there are a variety of specifications of the side board, fence, fence board, corridor frame and other profiles, fully meet the market customers all kinds of procurement needs. Sengru also dares to conduct 5000 hours of high-intensity light test which most enterprises are unwilling to test, and the product test results are excellent! Mori green plastic wood products with high temperature and uv resistance, environmental protection can be recycled, moisture-proof, anti-static, good stability, saline-alkali resistance and other characteristics, is all kinds of seaside scenic spots, gardens, parks, municipal engineering, garden villas and other preferred outdoor plastic wood products.

      Excellent and stable quality applications in countless large and small projects

      Over the years, SenlUE plastic wood products have been used in numerous projects of various sizes with excellent and stable quality. Senlue plastic wood products have been used in Sanshui Lotus World, Panlong Gorge Scenic Spot, Maoming Romantic Beach, Xiqiushan Listening Lake, Sanya Yalong Bay Xishandu Building, Shimeiwan Binhai Swimming Pool, Haitang Bay Grand Hyatt Hotel and so on. Senlue plastic wood, customer first, quality win! For the evergreen forests of the world, use senlue plastic wood! Keep the forests of the world green

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